XDS510 and DSK C6211

Started by Unknown June 14, 2001
Hi everyone:
I have recently acquired the CCS 1.20 and an emulator XDS510
for WinNt, and I already have a C6211 DSK with which I've been
working without any problems. After installing the ISA board and the
CCS I tried to emulate the DSK but the CCS is unable to connect
through port 0x240 with DSK. I have changed the in-board switches to
change the port (280, 320 and 340) but the message is always "Can't
initialise target DSP I/O Port = 240, 280 ...". I have tried with
different CCS configurations but nothing changes.
In "devices" in WinNT, the board appears as Initiated and
I have executed xdsreset -p240, ... and the message is "the
controller won't respond and this implies either a target disconnect,
or lost power, or lost clock." If I try with a virtual port for XDS,
such as C or D, the message is "The selected port does match the
hardware config. But a controller cannot be detected."
With other different C6211DSK or JTAG cable, the result is
the same. Does anyone have the solution?
Best regards
Pablo Fraile

I happened to stop by at CCS e-group.

Load data has isues in CCS1.2, which have been fixed with CCS2.0.
CCS1.2 had bugs in both load data and save data utility.

I also noticed an e-mail which had the question of how to allocate
the data to be loaded to the variable concerened. The naswer to this
is to allocate the space for the array:

unsigned char foo[500];

compile program, link it. Obtain the actual address of foo either
from the map file or from the watch window in the debugger and then
use the load data utility.

I also noticed significant traffic on profiling, this has been
enhanced in CCS2.0. One can now profile on function boundaries
as well as by address regions, and even store profiling sessions,
aka the old TI debugger in CCS2.0. CCS2.0 is currently available.

I could not figure out how to join the CCS group.
I hope people who used it belong to C6000 to take
advantage of this mail. Hope this helps!.

Jagadeesh Sankaran