Memory access with HPI

Started by jcmarrupe August 2, 2004
Hello everybody,
Im doing a project to send data from PC host to target (C6711 with
Code Composer 2.0) using HPI.
I have been testing the example of flash programming application
(C:\ti\examples\dsk6711\board_util\flash) and Its runs ok. In this
example I can read and write in a memory address specified in
the ".cmd" file.
Now, Id like to do it same in other application created by myself.
In this application I define the memory address to read/write with a
Visual Recipe. In the application who runs in the target I define a
vector of integer: "#pragma DATA_SECTION(pc_buffer,"PC_BUFFER")
unsinged long pc_buffer[19];
This vector is stored in IRAM memory with Visual Recipe in 0x004000h
memory address (with 0x000100h of length), but when I try to read in
this memory address from PC Host application an unexpected value is

I need an example of "target application" who can be loaded from a
PC host application with HPI and a read/write memory operations can
be done between this applications.

Thanks in advance.