McBSP c6211 DSK

Started by Chirag Dadlani August 20, 2004

I need urgent help. Please help me, I have only 3 days to complete my project and need to get this working.
I want to use the McBSP 1 to transmit data to another C6711 DSK from my C6211 DSK. I need to know how to make both McBSPs 'external', ie, i want to enable the input - output of the McBSP 1 to the daughter card. I read somewhere that i need to use the CPLD register but got no help on the TI site on this. If someone can tell me what I need to do to get McBSP 1 running on the board to transmit digital data.

When I use all the CSL API functions to use McBSPs, it works for McBSP 0 but in case of McBSP 1 the transmit ready bit never gets set and hence the EDMA transfer does not trigger at all.

Please help me out.