Initialization of I2C on DM642

Started by krahvogl February 17, 2005


I have problems configuring the I2C module...

When the DM642 is reset, it is not possible at all to write anything
to the I2C registers, all registers remain 0. Whatever function of
the csl-I2c I call, the registers remain 0. It seems that the I2C is
deactivated. The procedure described in spru175 (I2C peripherals
reference manual) chap. 7 'Programming guide' is not enough.
Something has to be done before to wake up the I2C module.

When I download a sample program of the DM642 EVM board - for example
the PAL_LOOPBACK - the registers can be written. From that on, I can
work with the I2C until the DM642 is reset again.

Can anyone tell me what is required to activate the I2C module on the
DM642? Is there a documentation apart from the peripherals reference
manual and the CSL api reference that could be helpful?

best regards,