CCS for C6713

Started by bristelled June 13, 2006
hello there:)
i m a student of engineering final year, i m working on the
implementation of ofdm modem using TMS 320 C6713, but i m facing
problems when trying to achieve real time implementation,
i have checked the flow of code its right
i have also tested the code on static data (not passing real time)
and the code is working fine.
please suggest any method of real time debugging that may help me.

another problem is with probe points.
the data file (*.dat) has two headers at its top written
one is 1651 and the other is size of file(i-e no of smples in the
if i change the no of values and the size accordingly it give me no
problem but if i change the word 1651 the it gives an error
please tell abt this 1651 thing.

please reply soon
thaking u
Moazam Maqsood