Avnet USB Daughtercard with C6713 DSK

Started by shehrzad_q2000 July 11, 2006
There have been a few threads on this group regarding getting the
Avnet USB daughtercard to work with a C6713 DSK. I was wondering if
any of you who have been successful in such an endeavor would not mind
emailing the source code for both the Visual C++ host side and the DSP
code to

I have been able to get the daughtercard to work correctly using a
C6416 DSK, although I do see intermittent sample corruption when
reading from target-to-host. Apparently I should be able to fix this
by reducing the speed of SYSCLK3 down to 40 MHz (if anyone has any
example code illustrating how to do this that would also be
appreciated). I did try adding in extra wait states in my EMIF
config, to no avail, but didn't pursue this any further since my goal
is to perform USB xfers on a C6713 DSK. Actually when I did this (on
a tip from someone @ TI) the USB failed to enumerate.

I've modified the provided DSP sample code so that now I can get
correct host-to-dsp USB bulk xfers on my C6713 DSK, and I have
verified that there are no bit errors. The converse operation,
dsp-to-host, however, doesn't work. Windows complains about a device
driver error, and I know that this is something to do with the DSP
code since I am using the same host binary in my testing, and this
binary seemingly works fine with the C6416 (and even C5510) DSKs. I
actually have been able to suppress the Windows complaints arising
from DeviceIoControl(), by adding in some extra wait states in between
writes to the FIFO, however then the data comes back as
{-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,0,0,0,0,0,0,...}. Very strange ...

I have tried using different buffer sizes. The FIFOs are 1K in size,
and I have tried bulk xfers of sizes both greater and less than 1K in
an attempt to get this to work.

Thanks in advance,