Rapid calculations.

Started by Dencker April 8, 2002

I'm working with a DSK6711 and will sooner or later implement a correlation
algorithm. These calculations will at least demand 160 miljon 16-bit MACs per
second, i.e.

a = a +b*c;

I have been studying code improvement and optimization for quite a lot of hours
now and I understand that this is a tricky part. As soon as possible I have to
prove to myself (and to my boss) that these calculations are possible to do on
the 6711, without necessarily implementing the final algorithm. Is there someone
out there who has a program or even perhaps an entire project that calculates
something at this speed. Of course some kind of "dummy" program will do.

Next, do you know if the clock-function is good enough to show how many CPU
clock cycles a certain calculation takes. I have noticed that the overhead (the
time it takes to start and stop the clock) differs from time to time.

Thanks i advance

Daniel Dencker