CxxTest Running on Windows Code Composer Studio 5.x

Started by tba1...@charter.net August 14, 2013
I have tried to build the CxxTest example outside of Code Composer Studio, using Visual Studio tools, and I had a successful build. I was able to start with a file called MyTestSuite.h, and from that go through the steps to build a "test runner" file called runner.cpp - using the "cl" compiler, I was then able to build runner.exe which gave me the desired results when executed.

Now I am trying to port that same test mechanism into Code Composer Studio 5.3 to build an "equivalent" runner.out file for use with the C5505.

I am running into a snag - when I try building, there are some obvious support files missing that were provided by visual Studio. One of these provides a function called fflush() that is used in the CxxTest environment. I have been looking for references on the E2E forums for fflush(), but have not seen anything. Do you know if some of this capability is supplied by the XDC support? Some of the the other things lacking so far are " _ftable is undefined", "numBytes is undefined", and "size_t is undefined." I would hope that these could be corrected with the possible inclusion of a library...

Todd Anderson