Started by gary21uk2002 March 26, 2002

Can anyone help me solve this please :->

I use static MBXs allocated using DSP/BIOS config tool. This
requires the size of the message to be specified as a number in the
properties dialog box.

My code uses a struct as the message and I have lost count of the
number of times I have changed the structure and forgot to change the
size in the configuration tool. I even tried specifying a large
value in the config tool so that I had scope to expand the message
size and not miss any of the data at the end of the struct. However,
when using MBX_pend to receive a message, the number of bytes copied
to the message structure is defined by the MBX object and not
the "receiving" struct so it can write over other memory !!

Is there any way that I can set the size of the MBX object to match
that of the message struct that is defined in my source code ?

Ta very much,
... Gary