1.2 - 2.2 Migration

Started by Curlinou January 27, 2005

Hello all

I'm trying the evaluation version of CCS 2.2. I worked berfore with CCS

I have a problem with the linker. Let me explain it with this example

.align 2
myvar1 .usect "myvars",1
myvar2 .usect "myvars",2,,1
myvar3 .usect "myvars",1

In CCS 1.2 , the linker creates a hole between myvar1 and myvar2 .
So in memory i have
0x1000 : myvar1 length=1
0x1002: myvar2 length=2
0x1003: myvar3 length=1

In CCS 2.2, The linker switch myvar3 to fill the hole
0x1000 : myvar1 length=1
0x1001 : myvar3 length=1
0x1002 : myvar2 length=2

I dont want this to happen. I check the Build options but I have not
found the good parameters.

Thank you for your help