Trigger multiple DMA\'s off same event?

Started by Brian C. Lane November 23, 2005
Is it possible to trigger 2 DMA\'s off the same McBSP event?

Eg. McBSP codec receive event triggers a receive DMA which reads data
from that McBSP.

Same receive event triggers a different DMA that writes to a different
McBSP\'s transmit register.

Can this be done?



Brian C. Lane (W7BCL) Programmer
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If it was just your program, I would say that it was trying to read
inaccessible memory ... from a bad pointer, or something like that. But if
the examples programs are doing the same, there may be bad memory on your
board. If you have the board test program, I would run it.


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Subject: [code-comp] error of application: cvrlh40.exe Hi, I'm a beginer in codo composer studio and i have the following problem:
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cvrlh40.exe, there is an instruction that are referencing an address that
can not be read. I have this error if I compile my programm or if I compile
an example given for the code composer studio. Can anybody please help me?

I'm looking forward to an answer.

Thank you so much.