How to reduce code size (Matlab/Simulink/CSS2/DSP)?

Started by Gerrit Albrecht August 12, 2003

I'm using MatLab/Simulink to generate a project for an TMS320C6711 DSK
with the Code Composer Studio 2. If I generate code with BIOS/DSP
support (using a .cdb file) then I get a executable file with a size
of more than 400k. Without cdb file (e.g. with a full map file) it's
only about 50k big. I want to place the result into flash memory so it
has to be as small as possible. I think the Configuration Tool is a
meaningful program to use because I need different load and run
addresses for several code sections and even TI recommends using such
a configuration (spra743.pdf).

Do I have to remove the DSP/BIOS support from my project in order to
get a small code size? Why?

Until today I thougt that cdb files are only a better replacement for
.cmd linker files. What else is linked into my app due to the
existence of a cdb file?

Perhaps I only forgot to use a switch in CSS or CT which strips the
unwanted code from my .out file?

I am pleased about any helpful hint. :)

Gerrit Albrecht
I work with 5402 without DSP/BIOS. I think it are needed only to
reduce some repeating doing as to set start address in vector's table,
to allocate memory by .cmd .
 The .cmd include in .out only pointed files' codes.
 To optimise code I turn "View-Mixed codes/ASM" and some lines 'C'
change on asm-insertion. Mail is right if will continue.