Trouble installing software from Innovative

Started by Dr. David Kirkby November 5, 2004
We have a DSP board(Sbc6701) from Innovative in the USA

but I'm having one hell of a time trying to get the thing to work. 

1) Our univerity has a 'default setup' for a new PC (or old PCs that
are to be reconfigured for a new user), but if I use that with Windoze
XP Professional, I am unable to install Code Composer Studio(CCS), so
I can forget that.

2) I have taken a default install of XP pro from a CD which has
service pack 2 applied on the CD. This allows me to install Code
composer Studio (CCS).

I can then install the Zuma toolkit - version 1.27.0 

and to run Inovativee's Uniterminal, which communicates with the DSP
via a serial internface. But whilst the DSP will boot, the 'hello
world' program does not run.

This has been tested on a 700MHz P II and 2.8GHz Pentium IV, with the
same result on each machine. .

I don't have a jtag card in the PC. I was advised by the UK
distributor to get the DSP board working with uniterminal first, then
add the jtag card.

3) I've managed to get the whole lot working on a Dell 266 MHz machine
with Windoze 2000, but that is too slow to really be a usable
enviroment. It does however suggest the DSP hardware is okay. It runs
a seft-test program OK.

4) I thought there might be something about XP that is incompatible,
so decided to install Windoze 2000 on the 2.8 GHz Dell, and still the
DSP board will boot, but will not run a 'hello world'.

Anyone had similar problems? I'm getting a bit fed up of re-installing
operating systems, in an attempt to get this to work.

Dr. David kirkby
email drkirkby **AT** medphys.ucl.ac.uk
I'm wondering - don't they have a tech support hotline you could call 
or email? The first thing I'd try is contacting the company who made 
that thing, usually they have a list of known problems and solutions - 
maybe even on their web site/FAQ page.
Stephan M. Bernsee