Application fields for speech/music recognition?

Started by Unknown February 3, 2006
Dear readers of this group!

Please could someone recommend me a list
of existing and potential (theoretically possible)
application fields for speech recognition and
for music transcription. 

Thank all in advance.

For music transcription, indexing of musical databases, copyright
violation detection, automated training systems (e.g. criticism of
singer's pitch) and automatic style detection spring to mind.



On 3 Feb 2006 03:32:54 -0800, wrote:

>Dear readers of this group! > >Please could someone recommend me a list >of existing and potential (theoretically possible) >application fields for speech recognition and >for music transcription.
For speech recognition, take a look at the Scansoft website. They've pretty much gobbled up all the Speech Rec companies. There's also the Microsoft SDKs which should have quite a variety of application code samples. For auto-recognition of music...good luck! <g> (It's very difficult to generate good sheet music, even from MIDI). You could look into Intelliscore. Or if you're talking about tools for humans to use *for* transcription, there's "Amazing Slowdowner" and friends.