Pitch shifting on TMS320C6713?

Started by mr_alex April 24, 2006
Hi there,

I am going to attempt to program the TMS320C6713 with a pitch shifting
algorithm to work in as near real-time as possible.

Does anyone have experience of using this board for this type of

I was looking at the code on www.dspdimension.com for pitch shifting.
Could this be easily adapted for use on the TMS320C6713?

Any help or advice appreciated!


i know diddley about the TMS32-whatever, but as long as you know how to
program it, and it can do the most basic things that a DSP can do:
cirucular buffer, address arirthmetic, multiply and accumulate, fast
"dot-product" (FIR summation), it can do pitch shifting.  expect a mean
delay of 20-25 ms.

r b-j