Started by jalbme January 22, 2008
hello friends,

i am new bee for programming using blackfin or any microcontroller chip. i
am using blackfin adsp bf537 for embedded and signal processing purpose.
application is real time gas analyzer and making first prototype of this
instrument. from hardware of this instrument, i have to transfer
approximately 1 volt real time signal( varied continuously, looks like a
spike) on ADSP BF537.i must see the same analog signal on computer using
BF537 as embedded purpose.but, i do not have programming skills. should i
have to make program using C langauge in bf537 or on labview 8.1 or both?
can you explain me the steps of programming for this type of
problem.whatever signal getting on oscilloscope, i should represent it on
computer using ADSP BF537 evaluation kit. i have no idea of steps of
programming for this type of problem. please help me show the right
direction. so that, i can learn in right direction and can solve this
problem. thank you.

Best Regards,