medical imaging is the vanguard of signal processing in 21st

Started by George Orwell January 30, 2008
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> I reckon once upon time that geophysics (particularly seismology) > was driving a lot of research into signal processing. > Now it seems to me they are falling behind. > I think that medical imaging is now ahead of them in finding > new random noise attenuation tricks, for example. > > A penny for your thoughts? > > Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this > non corrisponde ad un utente &#4294967295; |message is not related to a real > reale ma all'indirizzo fittizio|person but to a fake address of an > di un sistema anonimizzatore &#4294967295; |anonymous system > Per maggiori informazioni &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295;|For more info > &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295; &#4294967295;https://www.mixmaster.it
There is substantial commonality of subject matter across diverse academic areas therefore one should look outside one's own field for fresh ideas. For example, let's not forget the contributions of economists to time series analysis. I believe the first stochastic convergence proof for LS estimation of AR parameters was published in Economerica in 1943.