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Started by Victor Suarez February 27, 2008
Nice development board for $400 (limited time offer)
it can run FULL Linux (microblaze with MMU) and perform several GMAC/s

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> Posted by: "kamran.wadood" k...@yahoo.co.uk kamran.wadood
> Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:51 pm (PST)
> Hi there,
> I am a student of MSc
> I want to do a project based on FPGA/VHDL and/or DSP. I want to do a
> project by which I can gain the skills right enough to get me a job.
> My options are(please feel free to suggest something else as well):
> 1)FPGA Random number generator
> 2)FPGA square root function
> 3)DES Algorithm VHDL implementation (Someone suggested this as we get
> more chances to do synthesis over here than in other maths functions
> implementations? What do you say?)
> 4)IIR filter implementation on FPGA (Here both DSP and FPGA is covered)
> I am just intermediate level in FPGA/VHDL and DSP. Hope to hear from
> you guys soon.
> Thank you,
> Kamran