DSP programming with simulink

Started by Joseba Torres March 19, 2008
Hi everyone,

I'm working with a DSP/FPGA board and I mostly use the Simulink to generate my models. I compile, I start the simulation on board with the Simulink and my qestion is: Is it possible programm the DSP with the simulink? When I connect the board and the simulation starts, the board (connected via ethernet) works with autonomy, but when i stop the simulation from the simulink the board stops working. I would to mantain the program running on the DSP. (during the simulation if I disconnect the eth cable the board doesn't receive the stop call and it works indefinetly, but this isn't a very smart way to get it) So my questions are: Is it possible to program the DSP from the simulink without receive the "stop simulation call"? If it is not possible, the way to go is to export the project to the Code composer studio?

THanks a lot