ADC configuration for receiving two diferent analog signals

Started by unia hjy September 1, 2003


I am using DSP56F801 like a modem. I have an analog signal at AN0 pin, so I have
configurated my ADC with this set of instruction:


#define ADC_A_OFFSET_REG0 0x3ffc

extern void demfskEndOfScanISR(void);
#define INT_VECTOR_ADDR_55 demfskEndOfScanISR
#define ITCN_INT_PRIORITY_55 0x0005

With this set of instructions my modems work ok.

But now I want to configurated an other input pin, AN1, for processing other
analog signal so that I redefine ADC_A_SAMPLE_DISABLE_REG

# define ADC_A_SAMPLE_DISABLE_REG 0x00fc

Only with this change my modem doesn't work: it can transmit information but not
receive it. Does someone know what may be the problem?

And other question. With just an only interruption (demfskEndOfScanISR(void) )
how can I choose which is the signal I going to process (either AN0 or AN1)?

In the interrupt service routine, I want to read samples from ADC A and store
them in differents circular buffers, one for each samples(from AN0 or AN1) and
the time of processing is critical.

Thanks for your time!!

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