How to change the Baud Rate in CodeWarior for DSP56F801 Demo Serial Bootloader?

Started by pitchayav December 22, 2005
Dear who concern
I have tried to load DSP56F801F80 Serial Bootloader from CodeWarior
Processor Expert Stationary Example into my developed board with
DSP56F801, 80MHz. The result that had no problem for this demo SDK
to connect a hardware through PC serial port (That I have used
Hyperterminal) . However, the specification to use this Demo Serial
Bootloader are that Baud rate must be 115200 bps, Bit rate was 8 and
Flow control was Xon/Xoff.
Now, my project uses Baud rate about 56700 bps. I have tried to
change the config in Processor Expert's SCI bean that intitial was
115200 bps modified to 57600 bps, and then run debug again.
Unfortunately, These initial config didn't change. A hardware has still
connected in Baud rate 115200 bps, not in 57600 bps. So, I have tried
to debug through this example code, but I couldn't find where I can
change the config of Baud rate. I'm not sure that the code (This 56F801
serial bootloader) which I have debugged has changed because it
behaved same as not debugged yet. At last, I'm still cannot use in
57600 bps Serial Bootloader.
Anyone know please help me!

Thanks in advance
Pitchaya V.