Bit addressing of Port pins of 56F8323

Started by Ravi...@geind.ge.com June 26, 2006

I want to address each pin of GPIO port serperately (PortA in 56F8323) in C porgramming. Can some one provide me the header file or sample program for the same.

Thanks in advance.

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Hyderabad, India

Use Processor Expert tool from CodeWarrior installation. This tool generates IO map header file for selected CPU. You can use generates IO_Map.h file to control each CPU IO register. For example you can control BIT0 of the register GPIO_A_DR (changing the output level of the pin 0)

GPIO_A_DR |= 1; //Set the high level to the output
GPIO_A_DR &= ~1; //Set the low level to the output

This example assumes that the direction of this pin is set to the output (register GPIO_A_DDR).

The best way for you is to create your own Processor Expert project with the CPU bean and BitIO bean. You can select required GPIO port in this bean an control its over the API. In case of the example above, method SetVal(), ClrVal() or PutVal() can be used.

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