56858 second stage serial bootloader

Started by ian...@glensound.co.uk October 2, 2009

I have been trying to get the second stage SPI serial bootloader to work on the DSP56858EVM using the example from Precessor Expert.

After much hair pulling it looks as if the second stage bootloader is loaded and runs but fails to load my application code.

The SecondStageSPIBootLoader.pdf document says that the application code should be in s-record format at 0x1C00 in the flash. However after looking at the SPI port with the analyser it looks like the code is being loaded from 0x3800. I guess that the .pdf application note address is in words not bytes.

As far as I can see there is nothing in the second stage boot loader that parses s-records.

I have tried putting my code as s-records and binary at 0x3800 but the boot loader only loads the first few bytes whatever the format.

Is anyone else using this code, and if so, where should the data be, what format should it be in, and does it need a header of any sort?

Any comments gratefully received.