Re: Codewarrior does not erase boot flash 56F807

Started by MW Ron October 30, 2002
Wim de Haan wrote:

> Thank you for your mail and explanation.
> However what you describe is a (usefull) work-around, but the bug is
> present.
> The program "flash_over_jtag.exe" (from the SDK) erases and programs the
> addresses P:0x0000 to P:0x0003. So "flash_over_jtag.exe" works perfect.
> But Codewarrior skips the erase of the addresses P:0x0000 to P:0x0003 and
> only programs them. So my conclusion is, that Codewarrior has a bug for
> erase of these adresses.

This is not a bug in CodeWarrior what you want to do is not possible without
redesigning the the 56807's memory interface. This is only on an 807 and
not other chips !!!

In order to either erase or write to 0x0-0x3, you needs to target locations

This is just how it is.


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