Flash config v.s. ExtMem config (A little help please)

Started by glennkessler December 9, 2001
Motorola DSP Help
I am having some problems using the stationary (Codewarrior) for the
56826 Flash/ExtRam. I run my software and it works great in ExtRam
but will not run under Flash. I traced a big problem back to sprintf
calls. Any time I try to call that it blows up. So if you cannot
use sprintf, how can you format doubles for output as strings? There
seems to be no other way to do it that is acceptable. I mean
obviously we can write whatever code it takes to read a memory
location and ya know twist the bit to the bang to the bing to the
bong.... but jeeesh isn't that what the SDK is for? PLus I dunno how
to do that although life is for learning, but time is of the
I also noticed that in linker.cmd the .xFlash section has data going
in for initialized contants. I have removed this with comments flags
# in front and that freed the data flash. I also removed the DSP
libraries from the project to trim the size of stuff. Are there
other ways to do that as well, when we are only using the chip as a
micro-controller at this time. Also there are some really strange
things happening when running in Flash as opposed to ExtRam, where is
this documented?
Thanks for any help and please excuse my ignorance as this kind of
progrmming is new to me. I am an old hand when there is a big huge
operating system and a ton of resources, but this tight squeeze stuff
is all new.
Thanks (Glad you folks are here)