RE: Writing data directly into Program memory through linker.cmd file.

Started by Art Johnson November 25, 2002
Hi Nitin,

Attached is your "linker.cmd" file, modified to put the strings into P memory.
The changes are shown below.

In the MEMORY section:
.pFlash2 (RX) : ORIGIN = 0x8000, LENGTH = 0x4000
.pConstFlash (RX) : ORIGIN = 0xC000, LENGTH = 0x4000

In the SECTIONS section:
.ApplicationConstData :
appconstP.c (.rodata)
appconstP.c (.data)

} > .pConstFlash

This reserves 16K words of P memory, from 0xC000 to 0xFFFF, for constant data in
P memory. The file "appconstP.c" shows some examples of the strings we put into
P memory.

Also please see my message "[motoroladsp] Putting 'const' data into P memory"
that was posted to the motoroladsp discussion group on Wed 02/10/02 at 6:35 AM.
The ZIP file contains many functions for accessing strings that are located in P

I am posting this message to the motoroladsp discussion group, as other members
may find this information to be useful.


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From: Nitin Madhukar Yewale [mailto:]
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To: Art Johnson
Subject: Writing data directly into Program memory through linker.cmd
file. Hi Art,
I am using 56F827 in my project. I have huge constant data and I
want to put in Program memory, I don't want to copy it to data memory.
I have gone through your mail regarding "Putting 'const' data
into P memory" and source code also.

According to my knowledge following are the different ways to
put data in Program memory.
1. Use #pragma use_rodata on/off to put in the same.
2. Select the settings under M56F8000 i.e. Make Strings
Apart from this I will have to change in linker.cmd file also.

Please find attached source code which I am trying to do so.
I want to put Error_Messages in program memory so that whenenver
they require I will read them and display an error message.
And also while accessing I can read the program memory contents
using memreadP16 function.

Could you please tell me what sort of changes I should made in
the project file so that I can store data directly into Program memory ?


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