Audio DSP C++ mainly JUCE beginners course recommendations

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I want to learn C++ & JUCE for audio signal processing applications, but I have no clue from where to start.

I have a fairly good understanding of the math behind it, DFT etc.. and I worked for a while with Max MSP.

I only found one course on C++ and JUCE in Kadenzee but it was really expensive and had bad reviews so I am not sure about this one. and I started now a course on Udemy For C++ & unreal engine to just get on my feet with C++.

Any other good recommendations? Any help is highly appreciated.

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Reply by rjmiller927June 29, 2020
Check out the audio programmer page in YouTube


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Reply by jbrowerJune 29, 2020


Have you already done some C programming ?  If so then learning C++ is straightforward. If not then I suggest first doing an online course in C. It's like learning a foreign language -- you don't want to get hung up on basic/small things when you're in the middle of absorbing new material, so you gotta get those out of the way first.

In either case, I suggest to learn basic C++ first then JUCE. JUCE is a framework and anyone teaching that would expect you already know C++