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Our company is going to produce and sell LTE based devices in the US, so we have to pass a PTCRB/OTA testing to being allowed to work with American mobile operators. We wants to perform such a test locally (we've got an LTE base station emulator (Amari Mini Callbox)), before sending our devices for testing in American laboratory.

Accordingly to this document  (which describes a procedure of this PTCRB/OTA testing) to calculate a TIS value we need to calculate a BLER value (BLock Error Rate) where a block is a transport block an LTE physical layer operates with (at least as I got, I'm not an LTE engineer, just a software engineer who was assigned to sort out with this testing )) ).

Is my assumption right? Is it possible to access such a low level of an LTE stack?

Is anybody faced with such LTE PTCRB/OTA testing? How have you prepared to it (as I got it costs a lot of money, so it make sense to be prepared to it)?

P.S. we have an access to a test laboratory in our country, so we hope that from a hw point of view we have everything we need to do this testing.

I would appreciate any help...