Power delay profile (PDP) matlab code

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Good day,

I need your help to solve this problem.

I got this I and Q complex data (Rx3.csv) from the sink of USRP after sending GLFSR pulses through a propagation channel. I used 1.2GHz carrier frequency, 250KHz symbol rate, 1MHz sample rate, and 128MHz chip rate.

I was able to successfully plot the channel impulse response (CIR) using this matlab code;

N = 45; number of samples

num = [Rx3.B];

den = [Rx3.A];

n = 0:N-1;

x = (N==0);

y = filter(num,den,x);


but i have been finding it difficult to used this to plot PDP, for i know that the PDP is the square of absolute value of CIR. Pls, kindly help to solve this problem.



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Reply by Aida92April 9, 2021

PDP = abs(fft)