Joint Research in Base Band Signal Processing

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With in a month I will start doing research on Signal Processing related to Receiver Design (Mainly related to one or more of Synchronization (Frequenbcy Offset/Sampling Clock Offset),Channel Estimation,Equalization,ICI mitigation for single carrier as well as OFDM.Is anybody is interested to do joint research with me.To know more about me look for 'Vaidyanathaswami Muralidharan' at linkedin.

I have a Master Degree in Communication Engineering and working experience .I am a freelancer.

I have worked in US.I live in India.

No financial liabilities from either side.The purpose is to jointly publish research papers.


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Reply by fharrisMay 25, 2021

mannai, start looking for papers by fred harris. One of my specialties in synchronization.

also look for the 3rd edition id the sklar-harris book, Digital communications.

we have a new chapter on synchronization...

there is also a chapter on synchronization in my Multirate Signal processing book, 2-nd edition now out for two months

read the attached papers too.


WPMC_2010_BE_Filters_5 .pdf

I can send you more papers, just don't have space to attach them

try fjharris@ucsd.edu

best regards

fred h

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Reply by Aida92May 25, 2021

Hello Fred H

Could you please send these papers to ani.kom1920@gmail.com?

Thank you in advance!

Have a nice one!


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Reply by Mannai_MuraliMay 25, 2021

Thank you Fred Harris.I will look in to them.