dsp in optical fiber or wireless

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i am new to dsp let alone its application in optical fiber using matlab, but i also believe not knowing something is an issue,willingness to learn is key. my background is electrical engineering but i want to try this.

can someone help me with a generic matlab code on generating, transmitting and reception coherent optical ofdm or wireless with m-ary signalling? you can help  just to guide the texts i read in this field. 

am very grateful


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Reply by Tim WescottApril 14, 2017
I really need to write up this rant and post it on my website.

DSP is not Matlab.  And Matlab is not DSP.  Physics is not Matlab, and Matlab is not Physics.  Knowing Matlab does not mean that you know a subject, and studying Matlab code pertinent to a subject is a really tedious and indirect way of knowing a subject.

Learn the physics, learn the math, learn the technology.  Then use Matlab as a handy tool for number crunching, not as a provider of knowledge.  If you can't at least do the basics on paper, don't waste your time asking about the right buttons to push in Matlab -- get busy actually learning the subject.

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Reply by LongXinApril 14, 2017

Am grateful for your feedback!