How to measure voltage and power of the B200 device using oscilloscope?

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I am a new student and trying to to measure the power and voltage output from B200 SDR device ( using oscilloscope (TDS3000 Series:

Usually, when I measure the the voltage of the battery or even 5V itself on the oscilloscope, I use the Oscilloscope Tester Scope Clip Probe to attach the cathode and anode of the battery.

But the B200 ettus has only SMA and BNC connector, there is no way connect to the ground.

Does anyone know the way the measure the voltage of this device?

Thank you.

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Reply by cogwsnJune 2, 2017

See the figure attached. Use the crocodile connector to grab the part pointed by black arrow. 


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Reply by Rick LyonsJune 3, 2017

Hi cogwsn.  Nice photo!!