Commercial WiFi (multi-antenna) diversity receivers

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What I have read so far, indicates that commercial multi-antenna wifi access points use selection combining i.e. uses only one antenna at a time (even if there are 4 antennas on the access point). 

I was wondering why not maximal ratio combining ?  Or why not other schemes which maximize the SINR(signal to Interference Noise Ratio). 



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Reply by SlartibartfastSeptember 26, 2017

Any wifi product that is compliant with 802.11n or better will have MIMO.   In other words, the multiple antennas will be used for a variety of combining and MIMO techniques, and certainly not just selection diversity.

The early wifi standards, e.g., 802.11a/b/g, used selection diversity, but 802.11n added MIMO and subsequent improved amendments have built on that.