Generating Noise

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Hello all

I need to generate random white Gaussian noise of some x second length. I also need to add multiple sinusoidal pulses of y (y<<x) duration and SNRs of a dB, b dB and c dB respectively at random locations in x sec length Gaussian noise.

Can any one kindly help me ?

Also how can i verify the results i.e. the required SNR has been generated?


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Reply by cogwsnFebruary 3, 2018
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Reply by naumankaliaFebruary 3, 2018


Thanks for helping material.

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Reply by naumankaliaFebruary 5, 2018

Hi cogwsn

The article is clear in case of single pulse as i understand it. As i have to insert multiple pulses at different locations with different SNRs, should i repeat the 4 steps mentioned in article separately for all pulses and then simply add them together?


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Reply by cogwsnFebruary 5, 2018

Well in that case : 

Suppose your signal chunks are X1, X2, X3, ....Xn and your SNR requirement is SNR_dB1, SNR_dB2, SNR_dB3, .... SNR_dBn

You do as : 

 Y1 = add_awgn_noise(X1,SNR_dB1);

 Y2 = add_awgn_noise(X2,SNR_dB2);

 Y3 = add_awgn_noise(X2,SNR_dB3);


 Yn = add_awgn_noise(X2,SNR_dBn);

And finally you concatenate Y1, Y2, Y3, .... Yn.