picture inter and intra prediction

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This question is regarding video coding standard MPEG/HEVC etc.

May I know on what basis a decision is made to encode a picture using intra or inter prediction method?


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Reply by jbrowerMay 6, 2019


I see that you're not getting any replies.  Googling inter vs. intra prediction brings up lots of hits.  One example I found explains what criteria H.264 uses, and advocates for computationally less complex methods:


This was in 2007, so no doubt for HEVC there are newer/better methods.


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Reply by Sharan123May 6, 2019


Thanks. I have seen multiple references. They explain pretty well how Intra and Inter prediction work in case of H.264 and H.265. However, I don't find description where it describes how an encoder decides to use one versus the other. I will continue to look at materials online.