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Parth is an Electrical Engineer at Naval Research Lab in Washington DC. He graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in DSP from University of Maryland. He has been working in the field of communications, networks and signal processing for the last 5 years.

Instantaneous Frequency Measurement

Parth Vakil February 4, 200821 comments

I would like to talk about the oft used method of measuring the carrier frequency in the world of Signal Collection and Characterization world. It is an elegant technique because of its simplicity. But, of course, with simplicity, there come drawbacks (sometimes...especially with this one!).

In the world of Radar detection and characterization, one of the key characteristics of interest is the carrier frequency of the signal. If the radar is pulsed, you will have a very wide bandwidth, a...

Modelling a Noisy Communication Signal in MATLAB for the Analog to Digital Conversion Process

Parth Vakil October 30, 200713 comments

A critical thing to realize while modeling the signal that is going to be digitally processed is the SNR. In a receiver, the noise floor (hence the noise variance and hence its power) are determined by the temperature and the Bandwidth. For a system with a constant bandwidth, relatively constant temperature, the noise power remains relatively constant as well. This implies that the noise variance is a constant.

In MATLAB, the easiest way to create a noisy signal is by using...

Hello and Introduction

Parth Vakil September 14, 20071 comment

Hello all.

I would like to take this chance to talk a little about what I am going to try and do in this blog. While working in the field, I have come across some interesting techniques. It has, at times, taken some time and effort to understand these techniques. Ever since I was a kid, I have overestimated my capacity to remember everything that I learn. So, I had decided to start keeping a journal of all the techniques that started to make sense. This blog provides a great way for me to...

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