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Electrical engineer/mathematician interested in DSP and embedded systems.

Hi jbrower,Exactly! I'd seen several instances (including Rick's recent forum post) about some artistic endeavor such as writing lyrics, but I wanted to present...
fred,Thanks for that paper! I was reviewing an older forum post on this problem which mentioned Rick's "DSP Tips and Tricks" paper in the March 2009 issue of IEEE...
Hi Rick,Interesting experiment! I did not think to actually check out that impulse response. Robie may have a vacuum tube (or two) out..--Randy
Hi fred,These are all excellent questions on the parameters of the problem which of course you'd have to answer in a real-world scenario. Are you implying that,...
Hi Kenneth,That was my first reaction, too. It seems like that would be an obvious choice. --Randy

Re: PMCW Radar for cars

Reply posted 2 months ago (02/01/2023)
What is LMCW?
Design a computationally efficient digital filter which can extract a 1 kHz signal between 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz from a digital input signal with a sample rate of...

Re: The Nyquist Sampling Theorem

Reply posted 2 months ago (02/01/2023)
...but it's wrong. Look at verse 2. Data samples at Fs > 2*BW will be just fine ("true").

Re: Adaptive Filter Theory: prequisites to learning

Reply posted 4 years ago (08/02/2019)
How about this? \( e^{i\pi}+1 = \) \(F(\omega) = \frac{1}{2\pi} \int_{-\infty}^{+\infty} f(t) e^{-j\omega t}\ dt\)

Re: OFF TOPIC: A Question About PI

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/10/2019)
But in base pi, pi = 10...

Re: OFF TOPIC: A Question About PI

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/08/2019)
Dr. Mike! Long time no see (since the 2003 comp.dsp conference)! How are you man?

Re: OFF TOPIC: A Question About PI

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/08/2019)
I wonder if any of these conjectures/strange properties are related to the fact that pi is "transcendental?"

Re: minimum phase HRTF reconstruction

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/21/2019)
Hey Rick,I know HRTF stands for "Head-Related Transfer Function". It is basically the transfer function of the ear as a function of the sound source's azimuth in...

Re: getting started on dereverberation

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/06/2019)

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