PCI Bridging with SHARC

Started by Mohandas P V February 1, 2005

Hi all,
I am working with Sharc Processors.I am planning to do a PCI based
board with 4 Sharc processors. While surfing on the net I noticed that
www.quicklogic.com is offering a chip V320USC which have PCI bus master. I
am also looking for a chip like this. But on the user manual of the
chip indicates that this chip is for MIPS and SuperH processors. So now I
got confused. because I donnt have any idea that in which family the
sharc processors is coming.?
Can anybody help me by a good suggestion for the PCI? I am also looking
forward for whether this V320USC can used with sharc processor.

Thanks in advance,
Mohandas PV,
Hardware Engineer.