CCS Graphical configuration of McBSP

Started by joeblogss84 November 25, 2002
Hello all,

Is this a known issue? I have looked for info on it but with no

Using CCS 2.10 targetting a '5416.

I find that the graphical configuration of McBSP pins used as GPIO is
not very sticky. Making changes in the configuration of other
elements in the McBSP configure dialog will cause the GPIO direction
bits to be overwritten (outputs turned into inputs.

The GPIO page of the McBSP configuration dialog still shows Output
but the bits (as seen in the Advanced tab) of the PCR are set for

Is this a know issue? Is there a solution (apart from the obvious of
setting the bits to inputs and back to outputs anytime any changes
are done to the McBSP config)?

Ian Wilson