DSKPlus TMS320C542 code X CCS code

Started by Rodrigo de Paula Rodrigues November 10, 2004

I am using the DSKPlus (DSKStarter kit -
TMS320C542) for 4 months.
Its code is generated by the dskplasm, an assembler
for the kit.
I am translating some codes from dskplasm to CCS
but I do not know how can I send the .out file
(dskplasm generates .obj) since the loader application
which came with the DSK Board only works whit .obj
code generated by the dskplasm assembler.
I would like to know if someone have already faced
the same problem and how I can upload code (generated
code - .out file) from ccs to the DSKPlus board.
P.S.: The DSKPlus board uses the parallel port to
communicate. Thanks!


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