Which book to follow to learn c6713

Started by comm...@yahoo.com April 13, 2009
Hello, I want to learn to use Texas Instruments DSP c6713 and I have heard that Dr. Rulph Chassaing's book on it is best (DSP with applications to c6713 & c6416)

Now, my question is that, there ar two editions of the book

First one is written by Dr. Chassaing himself

Second edition is written by another author after Dr. Chassaing's death, using excerpts from the first edition.

The author claims that the second edition is more narrative than the first. So I ask to tell me about their experience on using the books as I can only buy one

So advise

hi all,
i was using old compilation tools v1.2 and when i moved to v2.0 i can not compile with the following error

making package.mak (because of package.bld) ...
generating interfaces for package ceapp (because package/package.xdc.inc is older than package.xdc) ...
configuring ceapp.x470MV from package/cfg/ceapp_x470MV.cfg ...
Info: Configuring engine named 'decode_slice_server' from the info file for DSP server './decode_slice_server.x64P',
located in package 'servers.decode_slice_server.evmDM6446':
Target app will look for the DSP server image 'decode_slice_server.x64P' in its current directory.
Adding codec 'decode_slice' (codecs.decode_slice.DECODE_SLICE), scratch groupId=0
Info: Reading DSP memory map from the info file for DSP server './decode_slice_server.x64P',
located in package 'servers.decode_slice_server.evmDM6446':
will link with ti.sdo.ce.utils.trace:lib/release/TraceUtil.av5T
will link with ti.sdo.ce.bioslog:lib/release/bioslog.av5T
will link with codecs.decode_slice:lib/decode_slice.a470MV
js: "/opt/xdc_3_00_02/packages/xdc/cfg/Main.xs", line 28: XDC runtime error: can't find the library 'lib/decode_slice.a470MV' specified by package codecs.decode_slice. It wasn't found along the path '/ESDU/Wasiem/filesys/ffmpeg-porting/esdu_decode_slice;/opt/dvsdk_1_30_01_41/codec_engine_2_00_01/packages;/opt/dvsdk_1_30_01_41/xdais_6_00_01/packages;/opt/dvsdk_1_30_01_41/dsplink-1_60-prebuilt/packages;/opt/framework_components_2_22_01/fctools/packages;/opt/dvsdk_1_30_01_41/framework_components_2_00_01/packages;/opt/dvsdk_1_30_01_41/biosutils_1_00_02/packages;/opt/bios_5_31_08/packages;/opt/xdc_3_00_02/packages;/opt/xdc_3_00_02/packages;..;'.
gmake: *** [package/cfg/ceapp_x470MV.c] Error 1
gmake: *** Deleting file `package/cfg/ceapp_x470MV.c'
gmake: *** [package/cfg/ceapp_x470MV.c] Deleting file `package/cfg/ceapp_x470MV.xdl'
gmake: *** [package/cfg/ceapp_x470MV.c] Deleting file `package/cfg/ceapp_x470MV.h'
js: "/opt/xdc_3_00_02/packages/xdc/tools/Cmdr.xs", line 40: Error: xdc.tools.configuro: configuration failed due to earlier errors (status = 2); 'linker.cmd' deleted.
make[3]: *** [ceapp] Error 1

i found this lib "decode_slice.a470MV" generated in another place other than mentioned paths and i copied this lib to the above searched paths but it also fail and i do not thing this is right way to fix above error!!!!
any help is highly appreciated


Mohamed AbdElwahed Ibrahim

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