c6211 dsk problems

Started by ascetik November 18, 2003
hello, i have just recieved a c6211 dsk. I am familiar with
programming the c6711 dsk's on code composer 2.0.
The kit i have came with code ccs 1.2 so i just decided to use the
newer version of ccs i already use. I changed the library file to
rts6201.lib. Is there a differnce in these two versions of ccs that
would cause code not to compile and load properly for the c6211.

one strange problem i have is that a simple "hello world" program
will not display results unless i put all sections of memory in SDRAM
using the *.cmd file. If i use IRAM then the program gets stuck in
some kind of loop.

please help.

Josh Summitt