AN2715 Porting 56300 to SC140 application note

Started by Barr...@BT April 27, 2004
When will the 563xx be made obsolete.

Hopefully not anytime soon. I'll have to check out the app note.
We have been using this family in volume since 1996 or so. We use 10's of thousands of chips a year, and aren't looking forward to replacing that family anytime soon, which was one of the reasons that we picked Motorola in the first place.
There have been several process updates for the 56303, which have meant selling us faster versions of the same chip for slightly less (but not as much less as a new design).
It is always prudent to talk to a company rep before designing any part in. Unfortunately many vendors have been know to "lie" about lifetimes of parts (i'd be willing to mention names but not publicly for liability purposes). Fortunately for us, Motorola has not been one. They did obsolete the 56824 processor not too long ago, but they still make many opcode compatible devices. We ported our product to the 56826.
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When will the 563xx be made obsolete.

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