Reg CANStressDR--Help need plz

Started by yadunandan kasu August 13, 2007
HI everybody,
Can anybody tell how to creat the Line Fault
conditions on the CAN bus using the vector tool CANStressDR.

I think any one who has an experience using this tool
can help me
I want to create the Line Faults on the CAN bus using
the Resistor and Capacitor circuit that is available with the
CANStressDRtool. I read the Manual of the tool but i still have some
confusion how to create the test conditions for Line faults on the
CAN bus using the Analog Disturbance ciruit.

i want to simulate some following conditions like

1. Disturbing the CAN_H and CAN_L voltages
2. Simulating the CAN_H or CAN_L wire breaks etc..

and my CAN bus is a high speed bus with 500Kb/sec

any kind of help can be very uself to me

Thank You