What is cyclic frequency α?

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Hello everyone! I am trying to do my thesis and I have to do some signal processing. I have to do spectral correlation and I see a parameter α called cyclic frequency. valentines day gifts for her

Although I have found information about how to find it , I haven't found an explanation of what it is. Can someone please help me understand what it is. Thanks in advance!

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Reply by drmikeDecember 9, 2019

"cyclic" and "frequency" are redundant.  I suspect if you explain it so we can understand the problem, you will discover your answer.

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Reply by stapordDecember 9, 2019

In cyclostationary processing applications, α is the separation frequency and f is the location frequency to define a signal's spectral components at f + α/2 and f - α/2.  If there is correlation in a signal's spectral components at these frequencies defined by α and f, the signal has second-order periodicity, or is cyclostationary, at cycle frequency α and spectrum frequency f.  This theory is based on cross-spectral analysis of frequency-translated versions of a signal.  With these definitions, a signal's periodic statistics can be measured and processed.

A great reference on the subject is William A. Gardner's book:  Statistical Spectral Analysis, A Nonprobalistic Theory, Prentice-Hall, 1988.

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Reply by ChuckMcMDecember 9, 2019

Consider this copy for $104 (https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=...)

Generally Abe Books is a much better source of old text books than Amazon.

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Reply by JohnEhlersDecember 9, 2019

Gardner's book costs over $1000 and is unavailable through my library.  Do you have a more reasonable reference on the subject?

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Reply by precesseurDecember 9, 2019

There is actually a pdf version available online by,  apparently, the author himself or at least his university ucdavis.

Thanks for this interesting subject I ignored.

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Reply by stapordDecember 9, 2019

Another reference:

Cyclostationarity in Communications and Signal Processing, edited by William A. Gardner, IEEE Press, 1994.

You may be able to find a copy of this book for much less.