Best way to represent "...and this computation comes from somewhere else" in a block diagram?

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I have a block diagram with some inputs and outputs (can't share it due to proprietary details).

I need to make a distinction between two types of inputs:

- "uncommitted" inputs that the user is expected to control through some means

- "committed" inputs that come from somewhere else in my system, that I want to refer to but not bring further details. (Kind of like the area west of the Hudson River in the famous New Yorker cover:

I have a good symbol for uncommitted inputs, they're just a lollipop with the circle meant to denote an input.

Any suggestions for the committed inputs? I was thinking of a square/rectangle to represent a block, but with one half (opposite the block's output) dashed to represent incomplete behavior.

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Reply by neiroberSeptember 24, 2020

Maybe a pentagon formed by uniting a square with a triangle on its right edge.  In other words, the same symbol that is used on schematics when a signal comes from another page.

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Reply by jbrowerSeptember 24, 2020


Right, same as flowchart "connector" symbol.  Maybe something indicating type of input inside the symbol (clock, pulse, etc).