Moving Sound Source Database for SSL

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Dear colleagues,

I've been working in Sound Source Localization and Tracking for over a year. However, I still need a good dataset that can provide not only real audio recordings but also information on the current sound source position while it moves, in order to validate my methods/algorithms. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything close to that until now. I'm open to suggestions. Does anyone knows how to find this sort of database?

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Reply by djmaguireJune 14, 2021

It's not my area and I wasn't/aren't even sure if you were searching for binaural recordings or data recoded using a mic array. 

If binaural, I was originally going to suggest taking one of the Analog Devices SigmaDSP boards that have sound source simulation algorithms in the library and using it to create your own database.  I realize that is pseudo-reverse algorithm-to-algorithm comparison - hardly what you are looking for. But, I thought that it might turn out to be both interesting and simple. 

When I went to search for what algorithm that is used by ADI, I stumbled across this DCASE2020 challenge:  


The challenge had quite the provided database.  14GB.  The database is described in more detail here:


The challenge results are shown here:


...which compares a number of SSL challenge submissions and provides links to PDFs describing each submission.  

That data/info seemed more useful than my original idea.  Maybe it helps.

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Reply by asterixogaluesJune 14, 2021

I very much appreciate your help. I'm actually working with mic array. This challenge and the dataset are both quite interesting.