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I am really struggling with the blog editor! In addition to MathJax equations rendering inconsistently (or not rendering at all). Additionally, I keep hitting this issue - when I press the save button, the editor decides to replicate some arbitrarily chosen subset of the blog content 5-6 times. While I have some interesting content to share, I don't it requires 5x redundancy to get my point across :) 

I have hit this behavior in both Safari and Chrome, so both Apple and Google are equally culpable.

On a more serious note, have others run into such issues? Is there an offline tool you might have used to develop the content of your blog, followed by copy-pasting into the editor offered on this site?



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Reply by stephanebOctober 3, 2022
I hear you.  The blog editor is far from perfect.  But you seem to be encountering many more problems than I would expect.  Let's get in touch directly by email so I can try and figure out what might be going on...
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Reply by Rick LyonsOctober 3, 2022

Hi. After I write a blog, and its all finished, it usually takes me between one and two hours of typing and mouse clicking to enter my blog into the editor. That's unfortunate, but I know its not Stephane's fault.

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Reply by CedronOctober 3, 2022

The difficulty I have is my network connection is slow, limited, and the MathJax takes a long time to render.  To get around this, about 5 articles ago I started writing them in .tex files and using pdflatex to make a PDF from them.

This runs locally and very fast.  A regular text editor is used for the editting, I am now using Geany, which is nice because it has a single keypress [F9] for creating the PDF.

When the article is ready, I run my .tex file through a conversion program I wrote that converts it into HTML.  When I want to add the article to the site, I open the blog editor, switch to HTML mode, and copy and paste my generated HTML code.

As long as I stick with the set of conventions my program can handle, everything works fine.  There are a few things I always need to tidy up.

The only problem I have with the blog editor is when I edit and save, my pre formatted sections all lose blank lines.

If any one wants a copy of my converter and some sample files, I'm happy to share.  Just send me an email at cedron at protonmail dot com.