Direction finding with Uniform Circular Array

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Hi all,

I'm looking forward to implement a Direction finding algorithm for a Circular array antenna structure for 0 to 360 degree. I'm having uniformly placed 5 antenna (72 degree spacing between each antenna) structure with the radius of 0.75m. And my frequency of interest is 200 - 500MHz with the instantaneous bandwidth of 20MHz. I'm trying to implement a Baseline interferometry algorithm by unwrapping phase ambiguity caused by the antenna spacing. But I'm confused on the unwrapping procedure for this circular array. Can anyone help me out in this phase unwrapping? Or, Is there any method available for this direction finding with circular array?. 

Thanks in advance.



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Reply by Tim WescottJune 5, 2018

This set of slides may help.  I only read it deeply enough to know that the author isn't full of BS, and I only read through the first half of the section on doppler (which is the method most used by radio amateurs).

Edit:  It may help more if I remember to include the link: https://wireless.vt.edu/symposiumarchives/2015_sli...

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Reply by LoganathanNJune 5, 2018

Hi Tim Wescott,

Thank you for your interest shown in my query. I've gone through the slides. Correlative Interferometry will work fine. But I'm trying to unwrap the phase ambiguity & go ahead with BLI kind of thing.


Loganathan N

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Reply by Rick LyonsJune 5, 2018

Hello Loganathan. I just encountered the following web site that may be of interest to you: