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Hi all

I am in search of DSP board which have at least 5 ADCs (16 bit, Bipolar, 192 K samples/s/channel) and one DAC (16 bi,t Bipolar, 192 K samples/s/channel). Please help me in this regard


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Reply by jbrowerJune 13, 2018

Naumankalia, you say "DSP board", so in addition to your ADC/DAC specs, the card also needs a DSP ?  If so, what level of processing is needed; i.e. how many cores, clock rate, float vs. fixed, amount of onchip and offchip mem, I/O peripherals (GbE, USB, PCIe, etc) ?

If just the analog (or high end audio) interfaces are needed, then the search is a lot different.


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Reply by bholzmayerJune 13, 2018

You may want to check www.danvillesignal.com for a solution with real (Shark) dsp

If it's only to get analog signals into/outof a PC: check NI/DAQpad via USB

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Reply by BEBSynthesizersJune 13, 2018

What type of DSP are you looking for? Fixed point or floating point? How much computing power do you need ? 

And about ADC and DAC : what type do you need ? Sigma Delta? Parallel conversion? With or without dithering?

You need to know exactly the requirements of your application, otherwise it's like going to a garage and just telling them "I want a car with four wheels" without telling them the price and performances you are targeting.